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Fri 10/19/2018

     8:00 PM  Magic: the Gathering - Friday Night Magic

Sat 10/20/2018

    12:00 PM  Blood Bowl Monthly Meetup
     2:00 PM  Dungeons and Dragons for kids

Sun 10/21/2018

    12:00 PM  Magic: The Gathering Standard
     5:00 PM  Pathfinder Society Scenario

Mon 10/22/2018

     7:00 PM  Private RPG Group
     7:00 PM  Werewolf: The Apocalypse RPG
     7:30 PM  Magic: The Gathering Open Commander Play

Tue 10/23/2018

     6:30 PM  D&D Adventures

Fri 10/26/2018

     8:00 PM  Magic: the Gathering - Friday Night Magic



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