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by Steve

As one of the veteran PoM players at our local store, I often get asked which warcasters are the best. In most cases, the answer is "the one you enjoy playing the most". Sure, some 'casters are more competitive than others, but if you simply don't enjoy playing one of the top tier 'casters, is it worth it? Probably not. We all play to have fun - the minute it stops being fun is the minute you should stop playing. Alternatively, you can have fun playing any 'caster even if they're not super-competitive.

The Harbinger of Menoth, Grand Scrutator Severius (a.k.a. pSeverius or Severius1), and Feora, Protector of the Flame (a.k.a. eFeora or Feora2) are all top tier 'casters and can all win games. You really can't go wrong with any of those.

For me, though, Kreoss is the man.

His story is fantastic. Born in Khador, wanted to be a Paladin, adopted by the Exemplar order, rose through the ranks to High Exemplar, then Grand Exemplar, and finally appointed Intercessor. Only the Hierarch outranks him, and Kreoss has full authority over all the Protectorate's military. He's a Good GuyTM, cares about his troops and is loved by the people.

On the table, there isn't a bad version of Kreoss out of all 3.

High Exemplar Kreoss (a.k.a. pKreoss or Kreoss1): easy to learn and use. His feat knocks down all enemy models in his control area, which can be devastating against an army with little or no anti-knockdown tech. A solid spell list which includes Defender's Ward, Purification, and Lamentation.

Grand Exemplar Kreoss (a.k.a eKreoss or Kreoss2): an absolute beast on the table. I personally run him at Tier 4 with LOTS of Exemplar. At 50 points, I can get his army up to almost 50 models on the table, most of which are weaponmasters. With auto-hitting melee attacks on his feat turn (and extra melee attacks, too!), he can decimate an enemy force. He has a POW 14 reach weapon with an armor piercing attack just in case anything gets too close.

Intercessor Kreoss (a.k.a. iKreoss / Kreoss3 / 3oss): Very versatile and can play many different styles of game. Tends to run a fast army, including cavalry, which are fantastic with this version of Kreoss. The most difficult of the three versions to get good with, but well worth the effort.

These are, of course, my personal opinions - but if you're playing me, you should probably expect to face some version of Mikael (that's his first name, in case you didn't know).